Edu-Factory Journal: Issue #1 – University Struggles and the System of Measure

The new issue of the Edu-Factory Journal is now available for free download:

Edu-factory collective
University Struggles and the System of Measure

Enda Brophy and Myka Tucker-Abramson
From Utopian Institutions to Global University: Simon Fraser University and Crisis of Canadian Public Education

Lina Dokuzović and Eduard Freudmann
Fortified Knowledge: From Supranational Governance to Translocal Resistance

Victor Jeleniewski Seidler
University Education, Democracy and Markets

Mary Evans
The University of Barclays Bank

Bridget Fowler
The Threat to Academic Autonomy: The Social Role of the Sociological and Literary Canon

Peer Illner
Against Audited Education: The Emergence of an Activist Pedagogy

Editors: Nirmal Puwar, Gerald Raunig and Brett Neilson



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